Understand The Fear Of Power

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Preach Barbara Stanny-Huson!! This quote comes from her book “Sacred Success,” a book EVERYONE should read IMHO. It’s packed with wisdom to help you succeed in a way that is aligned with your Soul.

There is NOTHING wrong with you if you have settled, shrank yourself, or clung to safety. This is a normal reaction to fear. You should not feel guilty or ashamed.

But, if you feel that your desires are always an arm’s length away, then it’s time to change this reaction to fear. You’ve got to learn to assess yourself without judgment and then courageously strive for more, play full out, and TAKE THE LEAP!

Barbara Stanny-Huson also says, “A powerful woman is someone who knows who she is, knows what she wants, and expresses that in the world, unapologetically.”

So let me ask you, where do you need to express who you truly are and what you want unapologetically?? Where do you need to strive for more, play full out, or take the leap?? Let me know in the comments below. This is the first step you can take to announcing to the world that you are showing up as yourself! 

“Sacred Success” by Barbara Stanny-Huson is the book of the month choice for Abundance +™ Book Club. Some of our members devoured this book in 2 days!! It’s a book you could read once and year and be better for it. Plus in Abundance +™ Book Club, you get a 60-minute energy clearing to align your subconscious beliefs and set you up for success, click here for more info.