Live In Truth, Beauty, Love, and Bliss

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I strongly believe that the truth is a wonderful thing. You can have BOTH the truth and beauty, love, and bliss right now.

By following the truth, you can see what is an illusion and what is real. In turn, you begin to understand what needs to be let go of, healed, or embraced.

Don Miguel Ruiz does a fantastic job in his book “The Four Agreements,” sharing what work can be done to bring about personal freedom. He dives into what needs to be let go of, healed, or embraced so you can live a life of truth, love, beauty, and bliss. “The Four Agreements” inspired today’s energy download, and I highly recommend this short, incredible read.

“The Four Agreements” is our Spirit +™ Book Club October book of the month. We’ve got our 60-minute energy clearing and online meeting scheduled for Nov 2nd. I have a feeling it’s going to be one of the most transformative group clearings I’ve done all year. Click here to learn more about Spirit +™ Book Club and join us for this incredible shift!