Book Club +™

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I’m so excited to introduce Book Club +™!!

I created the very unique Book Club +™ because I love reading. I want to live and be what I read, but it wasn’t happening.

Let’s keep it real here, how many books have you read that you felt like were going to change your life and then six months later NOTHING is different? Yup, I know that feeling.

It’s because you need a nontraditional learning method to break through those stubborn beliefs and patterns. You need energy clearing and alignment.

The energy work I do shifts your subconscious negative beliefs into positive, empowering beliefs aligned with your desires. In this case, to live and be what you read. 

Does it work? Absolutely!

I learned energy clearing and alignment after getting diagnosed with Lupus in 2014, while I was working as an Intensive Care nurse. After a year of working on my subconscious beliefs with energy clearing and alignment I had zero lupus problems, irritable bowel hell was no more, I’d cured my PTSD, and was no longer depressed. 

I made more progress in A YEAR using energy clearing, than with TWO DECADES of reading. 

By adding energy clearing to align myself with the elements of mastery from each book, my personal growth went into HYPER-SPEED and my success SKYROCKETED! 

Whether you read with us each month or not, you’ll want in on the monthly 60-minute energy clearing you get in the book clubs.

The energy clearing will accelerate your personal transformation or abundance 10x faster than reading alone.

What’s included in your membership:

✓ Monthly 60-minute energy clearing

✓ Live, online discussion and Q&A

✓ Elements of Mastery guide

✓ Private Facebook community

✓ Recording of meeting and energy clearing

✓ Vote and recommend the book of the month

All for just $11/month. 

There are two book club choices for you. Spirit +™ Book Club focuses on personal transformation while Abundance +™ Book Club centers around creating prosperity.

Both book clubs combing reading and energy clearing so you can be what you read. Over the next couple of days I’ll introduce to more detail for each.

If you are an energy clearing lover and know you want in, you can click here to join Spirit +™ Book Club or Abundance +™ Book Club today.

Talk soon!