The Road to Healing, Self-Love, & Happiness

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The road to healing, self-love, and happiness starts with opening your closets and shining light into the deepest, darkest places within.

For most of my life, I tried to lock my feelings away and ignore everything that made me hurt. Thinking that if I just avoided talking about my feelings, shame, guilt, and failures that they’d go away. But that only left me swallowing my pain each day to have it resurface every night as I lay in bed, running a mental marathon about how much I hurt inside. Have you done that? Locked your feelings and pain away only to realize it’s still there every night, a year later, or even five years down the road?

When I started talking about my feelings, the pain disappeared. It was so scary in the beginning to have those conversations, but I got comfortable with it the more I practiced. I was able to forgive myself and forgive those that hurt me. I was able to release the shame, guilt, and feeling of failure once and for all. Plus I was able to define what I needed, ask for my needs, and move forward with greater happiness and fulfillment each day.

If you are seeking healing, then I highly encourage you to talk about your experiences and the wounds inside. The people in your inner circle are a wonderful place to find a compassionate, safe space for you to shine light into the places you’ve been afraid to tread alone. Friends are there to hold your hand, lift you up, and guide you when you need it. When you need to go deeper to release the past, that’s what a trusted healer is for. We can hold space for you to share, shed your burden, and create the healing you need.

When you’re ready, take a bold step forward toward healing by bringing the darkness into the light.

Your Feelings Are Valid

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You feel the way you feel. Period. Part of loving yourself is acknowledging how you feel. The more you run from how you feel, the farther you run from yourself and living in full alignment with your truth.

Your feelings ARE valid. Whether they are based in reality or not it doesn’t matter because something has led you to feel the way you do.

You might feel hurt, brushed aside, ashamed, frustrated, guilty, filled with grief, disappointed or any number of things. And that’s ok. From this place of acknowledgment, you can begin to work on uncovering the pattern or beliefs that hold that it in place.

The act of acknowledging your feelings gives you the power to shift it.

To uncover what is below the surface of your feelings you can write it out like a diary entry to yourself or imagine writing your story to a person halfway across the world that you’ll never meet. Let everything you feel out onto paper. Here in this story is the truth. Here you can uncover what you need.

Most of the time when we feel bad it’s because there’s something we want or need that’s gone missing.

You can burn your letter when you are done writing. While it’s burning, you can ask our Divine Creator to release the heavy feelings from you and bring you what you want or need in the highest vibrational way.

What’s your self-love story? What feelings have you pushed away because it makes you feel bad? I assure you, there’s nothing bad about you. You are divine.