Spirit +™ Book Club

Spirit + Book Club

No time to read? That’s ok! You still get tons of benefits from your membership.

I want you to be in on the massive transformation happening with the monthly 60-minute energy clearing.

Would you like to upgrade your beliefs and energy based on the principals of what the leaders of personal transformation are teaching? Sounds awesome right! All you have to do is free up one hour — a month — for this transformation to take place.

The energy clearing and alignment session is recorded, so you can listen to it anytime that makes sense for you.

Plus when you’re short on time, but want more clarity, wisdom, and inspiration, just pop on over to our private Spirit +™ Facebook community. It’s the place to be!

What’s included in your membership:

✓ Monthly 60-minute energy clearing

✓ Live, online discussion and Q&A

✓ Elements of Mastery guide

✓ Private Facebook community

✓ Recording of meeting and energy clearing

✓ Vote and recommend the book of the month

All for just $11/month.

Spirit +™ Book Club is perfect if you are seeking personal transformation for the whole of who you are — mind, body, heart, and soul. We read about personal freedom, happiness, being present, living joyfully, and creating your reality.

We read authors like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Christiane Northrup, Joe Dispenza, and Don Miguel Ruiz. All the books we read and learn from are bestsellers by highly regarded authors.

September 2019 Book of the Month: Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Are you ready to change your thoughts and change your life? Then join us.

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