Combing mastery-level books with energy clearing so you can immediately live the wisdom you learn.


Book Club +™

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Have you ever read a book and tried really hard to change your life, but a few months down the road you’re right back where you started?

Have you been inspired by a book, but then everything falls flat when you try to implement what you learned?

Or even worse few months after reading an incredible book you’ve already forgotten everything?

If this is you, then Book Club + will elevate your reading experience.

Energy clearing and alignment makes it possible to instantly integrate the wisdom you learn from reading so you can start living the principles of mastery immediately. You’ll join the community of people all reading, learning, and growing together while having clear energetic assistance to live the highest principals of what you read.

Join the monthly online book club, Spirit + or Abundance + (or both!). Each club is just $11/month!


How does it work?


In each Book Club + program we read one book a month, starting at the beginning of the month.

We vote on what book to read each month and you’ll have about a week to purchase the book before our official start date.

We’ll have an online club meeting at the end of the month where we talk about the book, you’ll receive an energy clearing and alignment session based on the core principles of the book, and have question and answer time.

Our monthly meeting last about 2 hours and is recorded.

You can join at any part of the meeting and leave when your ready. So if you only want to show up for the discussion or energy clearing and alignment, you can.

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What’s included?

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24 hour access to the book club membership portal on Teachable. Your hub for book information and recordings.

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Replay or listen to the recorded meeting anytime and as often as you like. As long as you’re a member, you’ll have access to all our recordings.

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Connect on the exclusive Facebook group for discussion and support with your fellow spiritualists and energy workers.

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Voting opportunities for both the book we read and the date/time of our monthly online meeting.

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Simplified outline of the core pricpals outlined in that months’ book for easy remembering and applying.

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Regular email communication on the book that was chosen, voting reminders, and how to register for our monthly meeting video conference.


*The book selected is not included in the monthly fee. You’ll have to buy, borrow, or plunder. Just kidding, no plundering please!

Pick your book club or choose both! Just $11 each!

About your Book Club Host

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Aloha! I’m Crystal Hinton a certified ThetaHealing® (energy clearing) practitioner and teacher, avid reader, and lover of all spiritual things (yes, I have what some days feels like a trillion crystals!).

Reading is more than a love, it’s a way of life for me. I read over 70 books one year! There’s so much wisdom to learn from a good book. But often changing that knowledge into a way of living can be difficult. After I started adding energy clearing and alignment to reading, the information I gained from multiplied exponentially. Instead of dreaming of life being as it is in the books, it started to become my life.

Even still, sometimes reading a book and doing the energy work at the same time is challenging. But it was no match for my incredible organizational skills and understanding of how to build solid foundations for healing (thanks to all my time as an ICU nurse!).

I created these book clubs so that you can read the book and receive maximum energetic attunemnt without all the hassle. Integrating the wisdom has never been so easy! All you have to do is focus on reading, enjoy every moment, let divine inspiration come to you, and I’ll take care of the energetic clearing and alignment.

Many blessings to you and I can’t wait to see you at our monthly online meeting! See you soon!

xx, Crystal