How does ThetaHealing benefit me?

Often clients come to me feeling stuck, blocked, unhealthy, unable to manifest their desires, or cannot let go of old patterns/events. Using the ThetaHealing Technique, I assist you to change your beliefs attached to an issue. We begin by exploring your beliefs and how they serve you. Then I watch as Source transforms negative, self-limiting beliefs into positive, self-liberating beliefs. This creates new energetic pathways for behavior and raises your vibration to match what you desire. Any inhibiting contracts will be released as well. All of this provides you with the highest alignment to live the life you dream of.

What can I expect from a ThetaHealing session?

Each 30 or 60-minute session begins by asking permission to connect to your energy and discussing what you would like to work on. Then I will perform an intuitive scan, talk with your angels or guides, do belief work, and provide healing. I will ask for your verbal permission for every belief change and healing. It is my honor to respect your wishes and desires throughout the session. 

Is a ThetaHealing session done in person or over the phone?

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or via Skype. Distance is not a factor. I often find that clients can go deeper over the phone as they are more comfortable discussing emotional topics without being face to face. 

How many sessions will I need?

Each person's transformation process is different. Many times clients will experience a shift within one session, however, sometimes belief systems around an issue are more complex and need more in-depth belief work done over a few sessions to achieve the desired change. I recommend one session every one to two weeks until you reach your goal.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for a session?

Having a clear idea of what you want to work on and a positive mindset for change will significantly enhance your session. Also, ask yourself what you are learning from your situation or how it is benefiting you. We will discuss all of these things during our session. It is recommended to be in a quiet, comfortable space where we can talk openly about any issues. 



How are readings performed?

All readings are performed over the telephone or Skype (future readings are telelphone only). Before our call, you will receive a digital image of your chart (for Natal, Relationship, Geographic, and Horary readings only) which we will review together via the phone.  A future reading is thrown with tarot cards at the time of our call when I connect to your energy. If you would like a digital image of your chart, I can send you one after our call.

How long will my reading last?

Natal chart and relationship readings are 60 mins. Geographic and horary readings are 30 minutes. Astrology future readings are 60-90 minutes.

Can I get a digital recording of my reading?

Yes, absolutely. After our telephone call, I will email you a link where you can download the reading.

What information is needed for a reading?

I will need all of your birth data and that of any additional people for the relationship reading. Birth data includes date, time (to the minute), city and state/country. 


What should I bring?

A yoga mat to sit/lay on and a blanket or warm clothes to wrap up in. You may also bring an eye mask, pillow for your head or knees, cherished crystals, written intentions, and friends to share the experience.

Why is each experience different?

In each sound meditation, the instruments are intuitively played. Guided by spirit to provide you with the unique experience you need. In this way, the experience is in perfect alignment with where you are. 

Do you travel and provide group events?

Yes. I have traveled extensively over the U.S. sharing sound meditation. If you would like me to come to your workplace, retreat center, yoga studio, or home either on Oahu or the continental U.S., please call me at (808)740-0279, email me at