Clarity for your life

Intuitive guidance readings focus on bringing illumination to the areas where you feel stuck or confused. I’ll help you find clarity and understanding, allowing you to move forward with greater ease.


Intuitive Experiences

Intuitive Guidance in Hawaii and Online

Intuitive Guidance

A guidance session to provide you clarity and understanding so you can make the best decision or change for your life. I’ll tune into the energy surrounding your choices to expose the highest and best path to what you want.

Intuitive Guidance in Hawaii and Online

Future Reading

Discover what the next year of life holds in this extensive future reading based on the 12 astrological houses done with tarot cards. We’ll see what’s happening in your love life, career, mission, finances, and more.


I am different.

“It makes so much sense now why I am so focused on my career and not relationships like all my other friends. I feel like I can tell my mom with confidence that my career comes first. It’s who I am, where my energy is focused, and what has always felt right. I’m different than her.”

— D.H.

What a relief!

“I really wasn't sure if my son's career choice is a good fit for him. I'm relieved to know that dentistry is a perfect fit, because he’s in dental school right now. He’s been so unhappy at school in California and wants to go somewhere else. Knowing Arizona is a good place for him and it's a school he considered going to, is also a relief.  Maybe we can send him there for his graduate school.”

— D.X.

This is my divine plan.

“I knew it was time for another Future Reading, so I had Crystal do one a little sooner than expected. She nailed it right on the head! The idea to move had just occurred to me. I wasn’t sure if it was the the right time or not. I have so much clarity now. I am taking the leap and moving. I know this is my divine plan. Thank you!!!”

— A.E.


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    ➾ How are readings performed?

    All readings are performed over Zoom conferencing. You have the option for audio-only or video. You’ll need to download the free Zoom software before our session.

    ➾ How long will my session last?

    Intuitive Guidance sessions are 30 minutes. Future Readings are 60-90 minutes.

    ➾ Can I get a digital recording of my call?

    Yes, absolutely! Your Zoom audio-only or video call can be recorded at your request (sorry, a recording is not available for telephone sessions). You’ll receive a link via e-mail after our session is complete to download the recording.

    Intuitive Guidance in Hawaii and Online


    Take charge of your life.

    Find the clarity and understanding to achieve your goals.