Clarity for your life

Life Astrology focuses on all aspects of your journey through life. Bringing illumination to the areas where you have been seeking knowledge. Removing the veil over why life events happened or reoccur. Assisting you with knowing when to sow and when to release. The planets, stars, and asteroids are your personal guide. 



Crystalign Experience Life Astrology Crystal Chart

Natal Chart Astrology 

True, in-depth astrology helps us understand why we think and behave the way we do, what challenges we are born with, how we can overcome those challenges, and tell us all about every important aspect of our life. When I examine your birth chart, we will go through all of these things and so much more.

Crystalign Experience Life Astrology Relationship Chart

Relationship Astrology 

In this client favorite, I examine the chart of your partner along with yourself to find the strengths and weakness of your relationship. We discuss how you can deal with the shortcomings and build upon the strengths. We look at how you two fit together and serve each other. This astrology reading is an empowering way to examine your relationship together.

Crystalign Experience Life Astrology Future Reading cards

Astrology Future Reading

I use astrology to share with you, your future for the next 6-9 months. We will examine what has been occurring, what you are doing now that is creating the future, and what is coming in your future. We will discuss how to move through any challenges that might be present in your life as shown in the reading. If you genuinely wish to know and want to prepare for what is to come, I highly recommend this reading. 


I am different.

“It makes so much sense now why I am so focused on my career and not relationships like all my other friends [Natal Chart Reading]. I feel like I can tell my mom with confidence that my career comes first. It’s who I am, where my energy is focused, and what has always felt right. I’m different than her.”

— D.H.

What a relief!

“I really wasn't sure if my son's career choice is a good fit for him. I'm relieved to know that dentistry is a perfect fit, because he’s in dental school right now [Career Reading]. He’s been so unhappy at school in California and wants to go somewhere else. Knowing Arizona is a good place for him and it's a school he considered going to, is also a relief [Geographic Astrology].  Maybe we can send him there for his graduate school.”

— D.X.

This is my divine plan.

“I knew it was time for another Future Reading, so I had Crystal do one a little sooner than expected. She nailed it right on the head! The idea to move had just occurred to me. I wasn’t sure if it was the the right time or not. I have so much clarity now. I am taking the leap and moving. I know this is my divine plan. Thank you!!!”

— A.E.

How are readings performed?

All readings are performed over the telephone or Skype (future readings are telelphone only). Before our call, you will receive a digital image of your chart (for Natal, Relationship, Geographic, and Horary readings only) which we will review together via the phone.  A future reading is thrown with tarot cards at the time of our call when I connect to your energy. If you would like a digital image of your chart, I can send you one after our call.

How long will my reading last?

Natal chart and relationship readings are 60 mins. Geographic and horary readings are 30 minutes. Astrology future readings are 60-90 minutes.

Can I get a digital recording of my reading?

Yes, absolutely. After our telephone call, I will email you a link where you can download the reading.

What information is needed for a reading?

I will need all of your birth data and that of any additional people for the relationship reading. Birth data includes date, time (to the minute), city and state/country. 

Crystalign Experience Life Astrology Crystal looking into the stars and planets

“Thank you for the answers”

I recently lost a lot of money and I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere. I asked Crystal if she could tell me what happened to it [Horary Astrology]. It was stolen, like I suspected. She described the person who stole it and I immediately freaked out. I know exactly who it is and I suspected it might be him!! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it back from him but I’m so thankful for the confirmation and answers.



Take charge of your life.

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