Energy Clearing

"You made all of my dreams real."

I was taking on everyone’s energy. I felt drained and empty at the end of my day, in a job I hated, not making any progress toward my goals. Crystal cleared my energy, taught me to stop taking on everyone’s energy, and how to let go of the unimportant stuff. That opened the door for me to manifest my dream job. I’m lighter, clearer, have more energy, and literally living my dream. You made all of my dreams real. Thank you Crystal.

— B.W.


“I'm finally done with abusive relationships.”

I have had such a long pattern of abusive relationships with men. Now when I’m on dates, I’m seeing these men for who they are. And I’m finally choosing something different for myself. Recently, I’ve even started bringing in men who are mature, chivalrous, and treat me how I’ve longed for. Thank you.

— R.N.


"I don’t have to save everyone!" 

Realizing I don’t have to be the hero really takes off the pressure and relieves the energy output of having to compensate! Yay! Thanks for who you are and doing what you do. 

— C.M.

“Crystal changed my life.”

I was skeptical. How can someone do energy healing on the phone? But I surrendered disbelief. She opened me up and cleared out what had been blocking me from my full potential. I had been in a prison of my own making, and Crystal’s deep work not only gave me the key to freedom, she opened a door to a life of abundance.

— H.C.


“I'm am happy again.”

Our session was amazing and I appreciate you so much. I feel so much lighter since then and not taking the "weight of the world" on myself. You freed me from the pain & burden of my friends death. I feel different now. I am happy again.

— G.T.


"She brought my relationship into alignment." 

She healed the relationship with my mother from generations of disharmony and this brought our current life experience into alignment. I felt my physical body become lighter. I feel compassion, acceptance and peace. To this day, my awareness to the decisions, actions and outcomes of life are crystal clear. 

— L.X.


For the last ten years I had this black cloud following me. Since our session, it's gone. I am happier and my kids notice the difference in me. We are all thankful for the transformation you gave to me. What a beautiful gift. Mahalo.

— F.D.


Intuitive Guidance

“Thank you for the clarity”

You described me perfectly!!! And You described the relationship with my ex-husband perfectly!!! I understand why I chose him and what I need to do differently next time. Thank you also for the clarity on my relationships, my family, and my career!! 

— K.B.


“What a releif!”

I really wasn't sure if my son's career choice is a good fit for him. I'm relieved to know that dentistry is a perfect fit, because he’s in dental school right now. He’s been so unhappy at school in California and wants to go somewhere else. Knowing Arizona is a good place for him and it's a school he considered going to, is also a relief.  Maybe we can send him there for his graduate school.

— D.X.


“I'm so glad I did!”

I had Crystal do a Future Reading for my daughter who is in her first year at college. I’m so glad I did! I know everything will work out okay for her. I know she will excel and doesn’t need my help. What a relief!

— K.M.

“I am different.”

It makes so much sense now why I am so focused on my career and not relationships like all my other friends. I feel like I can tell my mom with confidence that my career comes first. It’s who I am, where my energy is focused, and what has always felt right. I’m different than her and my path is not her path. 

— D.H.


“This is my divine plan.”

I knew it was time for another Future Reading, so I had Crystal do one a little sooner than expected. She nailed it right on the head! The idea to move had been nudging me. I wasn’t sure if it was the the right time or not. I have so much clarity now. I am taking the leap and moving out of state. I know this is my divine plan. Thank you!!!

— A.E.


“Thank you for the answers”

I recently lost a lot of money and I couldn’t find it. I looked everywhere. I asked Crystal if she could tell me what happened to it. It was stolen, like I suspected. I couldn’t get it back from him but I’m so thankful for the confirmation and answers.

— D.M.

I’ve listened to the reading several times. Each time I get more clarity and understanding. I feel like it really validates the internal conflict of the two different sides of me on what I want to do. It explained my dueling energy. I am both. Now I can focus on what my souls longing is and give permission to myself to have all of it.
— A.T.

Sound Meditation


It felt like I was being rebooted or someone had hit a reset button. I had no worries or thoughts of anything else but these tones and frequencies I was hearing. After the session was complete I felt my body had been rang out of stress. My cells had been charged. I felt like a had taken a restful rejuvenated nap. Thank you!

— S.F.


“The colors!”

I did not think I would be one of those people who saw colors and felt vibrations, but I did! It was incredible! It’s incredible to know that the colors I saw are the chakras she played during out session! I loved it. When can we do it again!?

— C.H.

"Harmony realized.”

I feel balanced. Like my body is in complete harmony with my mind and spirit. It’s so peaceful …. and relaxing. Than you so much. What a blessing this was.

— B.K.


“Deepening my practice of forgiveness.”

I have found deep forgiveness for myself through the gong at times. As well as a general letting go, whether there is a conscious acknowledgement of what I'm letting go of or not. The more I've heard the gong the more I am able to surrender to this letting go and the better I feel afterwards. I find this to have lasting effects that I can't compare to anything else I have tried in the realms of self help and relaxation.

— J.X.


“I'm free of stress.”

I feel grounded and reset after I received a sound healing. I was able to function better from a relaxed calm state. I was in a state of relaxation for the entire day and was able to bring my acute stress down to nothing. Mahalo.

— I.U.


“Happy jelly!”

I did not expect that! Wow. I went so deep in meditation, I haven't experienced that before. My whole body feels like happy jelly. That was amazing!

— K.T.

I have arthritis. My fingers have been bent and I haven’t been able to straighten them for more than 15 years. I noticed during the session that my hands and fingers were getting more and more relaxed. They are almost entirely open and straight now! They feel good! Thank you so much! Incredible!
— H.E.


Energy Clearing


Intuitive Guidance


Sound Meditation