An energetically clearer life

Sound meditation is an experience of sound and vibration. The intricate weaving of sound and vibration unblocks and opens the energetic pathways within the body. It opens the door to experience greater harmony, vitality, and a clearer mind. You are brought to a place of centeredness that empowers your decision making. Many people experience profound relaxation, harmony, and peace. The meditative experience is effortless, you simply close your eyes and enjoy where the sounds lead. If you regularly meditate this is a refreshing and profoundly illuminating experience.  

In the Crystalign Experience sound meditation, the primary instrument is the gong. The song of the gong creates an array of beautiful sounds, opening you up to the richness of your senses and life. The music and vibrations emanating from the gong are so powerful that they take you deeper within than any other sound meditation instrument. 

Crystalign Experience Sound Meditation Crystal Clear Energy



Private 1:1 Gong Sound Meditation

Experience the power of sound meditation with a couple of your friends in my crystalline energy vortex on the North Shore of Oahu. 

I have created a sacred space where the loving energy of the universe can meet you in your own needs. If permitted, I will activate your intention and send you healing energy to assist you in having a relaxed, graceful and pleasant meditation. Essential oil is applied or diffused to bring you into a harmonious mind, body, and spirit. You will be in my personal crystalline energy vortex, a powerful space to significantly enhance your meditation practice. 

You will be bathed in the sounds of my 32" Chiron gong and 24" Neptune gong. They are attuned to the energy of healing, breaking cycles, and clear vision. As well as my 28" wind gong which assists in cleansing your energy. We will end the meditation with the gentle notes of the Koshi chimes to bring you back to the present with a light heart.  


Private Sound Immersion Event

I am elated to offer this incredible experience for groups up to 10 people. This event is a special evening of SOUND in an engaging and unique meditative experience. My partner and professional percussionist, Reid DeFever and I invite you into the heart of our home to share with you this profoundly immersive journey.

Through crystals, essential oil therapy, and intention a sacred space is opened. Together we create a collective atmosphere of peace and harmony to hold space for your meditative experience. You are enveloped in the sounds and songs of tabla, tang drum, djembe drums, 9 gongs including Planetary, Chau and Wind gongs, Tibetan bowls, tingsha, Koshi chimes, and more. Listen as the World washes away and you are swept on a unique journey within.

Please contact to schedule this event.

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Public Gong Sound Meditation Event

To be announced




“It felt like I was being rebooted or someone had hit a reset button. I had no worries or thoughts of anything else but these tones and frequencies I was hearing. After the session was complete I felt my body had been rang out of stress. My cells had been charged. I felt like a had taken a restful rejuvenated nap. Thank you!”

— S.F.

Harmony realized.

I feel balanced. Like my body is in complete harmony with my mind and spirit. It’s so peaceful …. and relaxing. Than you so much. What a blessing this was.

— B.K.

I am free of stress.

“I feel grounded and reset after I received a sound healing. I was able to function better from a relaxed calm state. I was in a state of relaxation for the entire day and was able to bring my acute stress down to nothing. Mahalo”

— I.U.





What should I bring?

A yoga mat to sit/lay on and a blanket or warm clothes to wrap up in. You may also bring an eye mask, pillow for your head or knees, cherished crystals, written intentions, and friends to share the experience.

Why is each experience different?

In each sound meditation, the instruments are intuitively played. Guided by spirit to provide you with the unique experience you need. In this way, the experience is in perfect alignment with where you are. 

Do you travel and provide group events?

Yes. I have traveled extensively over the U.S. sharing sound meditation. If you would like me to come to your workplace, retreat center, yoga studio, or home either on Oahu or the continental U.S., please call me at (808)740-0279, email me at

Crystalign Experience Sound Meditation Playing the 40in gong

“Deepening my practice of forgiveness.”

I have found deep forgiveness for myself through the gong at times. As well as a general letting go, whether there is a conscious acknowledgement of what I'm letting go of or not. The more I've heard the gong the more I am able to surrender to this letting go and the better I feel afterwards. I find this to have lasting effects that I can't compare to anything else I have tried in the realms of self help and relaxation.



Find your inner light. 

Experience an awakening of harmony & peace within.