The ThetaHealing Basic DNA 3-day intensive workshop will shift and empower your life. ThetaHealing®is a versatile meditation technique for self and life development giving you the tools to create positive change. By instantly reprogramming your mind you can release your limiting beliefs and create a life filled with love, happiness, wellness, support, and abundance. 

Energy Clearing Seminar in Hawaii - ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar Hawaii
The ThetaHealing technique gives you the tools to create positive, long-lasting change.

Prerequisite: None

Includes: Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing® Book and ThetaHealing®Basic DNA Manual

Certification: You will be a certified Basic DNA ThetaHealing® practitioner and use these skills for yourself or with others as you choose. 

This seminar is the foundation for all other ThetaHealing® courses. The heart of this seminar is the practice of techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, history, and soul beliefs, either self-inflicted or externally imposed. 

You will be guided on using muscle testing as a way to identify subconscious limiting beliefs. Then you will discover how quick and simple it is to remove negative beliefs and change them into empowering ones. Instantly release engrained negative thought patterns, self-sabotaging behaviors, and bad habits. 

In this seminar you will learn a special way to connect to Source Energy that frees you from any vows, oaths, and contracts of spending your own energy to perform readings and healings. The ThetaHealing® meditation technique will open your intuitive abilities and chakras allowing you to easily connect to the Divine Energy all around you.

You will learn how to speak with your guardian angels, identify energy blocks in the human body, provide future readings, activate the dormant parts of your DNA, and how to manifest using Source Energy.

You will discover how easy it is to silence your mind and become at one with All That Is. 

Energy Clearing Seminar in Hawaii - ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar Hawaii

Seminar Dates

April 26-28, 2019 Waialua, HI

June 21-23, 2019 Waialua, HI

In this 3-day intensive workshop you will discover and learn:

  • Vianna Stibal’s journey of healing herself and developing the ThetaHealing Technique®

  • How to easily and quickly connect with Source Energy and All That Is

  • Activate your chakras and intuitive senses

  • To perform intuitive readings and energy healings without sacrificing your energy

  • How to create the life you’ve dreamed of

  • To “dig” for the root or core belief that is locking in negative patterns

  • Intuitively read the human body to identify energy blocks and illness

  • Discover the 4 Levels of Beliefs and how to release and replace negative beliefs on the core, genetic, history, and soul levels

  • Access the Theta Brainwave instantly and unlock your subconscious mind

  • Attract your Soul Mate

  • See and speak with your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

  • Manifest and magnetize what you want using the Divine Energy of All That IS

  • How to work with your DNA to create wellness

  • Perform future readings for yourself and others

  • Transform your life by changing your subconscious beliefs instantly

  • Send lingering spirits to the light

  • Look and feel youthful by activating the 12 strands of your DNA and the Youth and Vitality Chromosomes

  • Co-create healings with the power of Creator of All That Is/God

  • How to use muscle testing to identify limiting beliefs

  • Prevent and free yourself from psychic attacks, hooks, and curses

  • To enhance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being using the ThetaHealing Technique

Seminar Includes: Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing® Book and ThetaHealing®Basic DNA Manual

Duration: 3 Days, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Investment: $494

Energy Clearing Seminar in Hawaii - ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar Hawaii