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Crystalign Experiences

Create an empowered life full of happiness, love, and wellness by discovering and transforming your subconscious stories.         

Find clarity and understanding so you can make the decisions needed to confidently walk your life path.

Attune your physical body to deep relaxation, open your neural pathways, and connect to your spirit guides.

Crystalign Programs

Reading plus Energy Clearing for mind, body, heart, and soul wellness. We read about personal freedom, happiness, being present, and creating your reality.

Reading plus Energy Clearing to bring your greater abundance today. We read about success, law of attraction, manifesting, and prosperity. 

Crystalign Experience - Hawaii

10-week online self-love course for big-hearted people who are ready to let go of the past, feel confident, and live with happiness and joy.

Learn Energy Clearing

with The ThetaHealing® Technique


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    “Crystal has changed my life. Exploring unique experiences and programs with Crystal has opened me up to a new life full of clarity, clear energy, healing, abundance, and optimism for my future. Her wisdom is unparalleled.”